Seasonal Grass Letting

Croft House, Scaleby, Carlisle

182.71 acres (73.94 hectares) of grazing available to let privately
for cattle and sheep for the 2018 season in Thirteen Lots.

The extent of the Thirteen Lots are shown coloured in red, blue, green and yellow on the attached plan with the grazing available for cattle from the 1st May to the 30th September and for sheep from the 10th April to the 31st October. A herd is provided at weekends and the Licensors will be applying 2 cwts/acre of compound fertiliser
to all Lots at the start of the let.

The Lots are well watered and fenced with good stock handling facilities. The grazing payment will be due in two instalments with one half of the payment due at the start of the letting and prior to entry with the second half and balance due on the 2nd August 2018. The Licensors will be using the land to support a claim under the Basic Payment Scheme.

The holding number for the land is 08/189/0010 and it is all situated in the parish of Scaleby which is Status 4 for TB purposes. The land is let subject to standstill restrictions and all takers must check with the Licensors before stock can be moved on and off the land. Please note that no bulls, horses or lambing ewes
are allowed on the land.

Lot 1 – 20.90 acres (8.46 hectares)

Lot 2 – 14.73 acres (5.96 hectares

Lot 3 – 17.17 acres (6.95 hectares)

Lot 4 – 10.90 acres (4.41 hectares)

Lot 5 – 9.56 acres (3.87 hectares)

Lot 6 – 9.17 acres (3.71 hectares)

Lot 7 – 9.37 acres (3.79 hectares)

Lot 8 – 9.71 acres (3.93 hectares)

Lot 9 – 8.80 acres (3.56 hectares)

Lot 10 – 12.55 acres (5.08 hectares)

Lot 11 – 22.31 acres (9.03 hectares)

Lot 12 – 12.43 acres (5.03 hectares)

Lot 13 – 25.11 acres (10.16 hectares)

Offers for the grazing should be received in writing by 12 noon on Wednesday 28th March 2018

Rent: Please Enquire For Further Details